Cargo Tools

The Vacu-CARGO was created in such a way as to improve the modularity. It is a removable slurry tank to be placed on a Cargo chassis. It is compatible with the whole range of rear spreading implements (booms and injectors).


Self-Propelled Vehicles

Self-propelled vehicle compatible with the whole CARGO range.


Dump Trailers

15 Tonne

The JOSKIN Trans-KTP 9, 11 and 15 T construction trailers are the ‘‘low-capacity‘‘ models of the JOSKIN heavy duty range. Given their compact and sturdy design (side walls, floor and rear door in HARDOX steel), they are an ideal solution for small earthmoving works, landscape gardening contractors or even public services.. They are pre-equipped to be fitted with two optional aluminium ramps, thereby allowing to load and transport a small excavator.


Dump Trailers

17-27 Tonne

The Trans-KTP 17, 22 and 27 T tipping trailer models are conceived and designed for the hardest works. Given their sturdy design, their body with side walls and floor fully made of 6 mm HARDOX 450 (5 mm for 17/50) ensures their long life span. The double-axle models are standard fitted with the JOSKIN Cross-Over bogie and the 27/65 TRM with the Hydro-Tridem hydraulic suspension. These running gears ensure a high driving comfort on uneven ground.

Furthermore, the 27/65 TRM is standard fitted with a double self steering system (first and last axle), which further improves the manoeuvrability. All these models are also standard fitted with a bumper that retracts hydraulically as the door opens.