Ferti-Space Horizon

The Ferti-SPACE HORIZON is designed to spread different products (cattle manure, compost, organic wastes, lime, poultry manure, etc.) on large widths. The horizontal beaters and the spreading table allow to spread evenly, even with a low flow.

14-22 Tonne

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The beaters are driven by P.T.O.-shafts (1,000 rpm) and turn at 550 rpm.

Ø 600 mm horizontal beaters

Both beaters with a diameter of 600 mm crumble and shred the matter very well. As a result, the different products are precisely spread.

Distribution discs

Two wide spreading discs (Ø 1,040 mm) with 6 adjustable blades spread over the width.

Guillotine door

The Ferti-SPACE HORIZON muck spreaders is standard fitted with a guillotine door.

High tensile steel

The body in high tensile steel makes it possible to reach – thanks to successive folds of the plate – a high resistance while avoiding the lateral reinforcement and reducing the empty weight of the machine.

Moving floor

Moving floor with shipping chain with grade 80 (the highest grade in traction chains currently existing);
The moving floor is fitted with side and central tensioners that are easily accessible.

Hitching cross-suspension

Whatever the type of ground, the fitting of parabolic leaves offers a high lateral stability and driving comfort, without distortion of the traction line.


Drawbar suspension Cross-suspension with parabolic leaves
Moving floor 4 Ø 14 mm shipping chains
Horizontal beaters Ø 600 mm, height 1.300 mm (serie 11) or 1.550 mm (serie 14) with 4 olded spirals
Teeth Removable, in S700MC steel (230 x 50 mm)
Discs Ø 1,040 mm with 6 adjustable blades (500 rpm)
Drive 1.000 rpm
Beater rotation speed 320 rpm