Volumetra: its name says it all. This vehicle is specially designed to be efficiently fitted with volumetric pumps while limiting the overall dimensions. It is however very well suited to vacuum pumps.


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Literage from 14.800L - 20.500L

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Integrated self-supporting tubular

JOSKIN tankers with volumetric pump are compact, structured and easy to handle thanks to their low center of gravity.

The Volumetra is a vehicle with self-supporting structure designed to reduce its total weight to a minimum and to adapt to all JOSKIN spreading techniques. The pumping technology is integrated into the drawbar so as to have minimum overall dimensions and to keep a direct access to the pump.

Running gear with hydraulic suspension

The Volumetra are standard fitted with a running gear with hydraulic suspension (Hydro-Tandem/Hydro-Tridem) allowing excellent stability in slopes and optimal road-holding capacities, reinforced by low centre of gravity.

It also allows a perfect adaptation to the relief (e.g. on uneven ground, etc.). In short: it is a real pleasure to drive!

Volumetric pumps

The Volumetra is specially developed for volumetric pumps. In this way, it can be efficiently fitted not only with spiral pumps but also with lobe pumps, while limiting the overall dimensions (a vacuum pump can also be installed).


Structure width at the running gear 900 (mm)
Max. wheel dimensions Ø 1.670 (mm) / Width 850 (mm) (fixed axle) – Width 750 (steering axle) (1)
Running Gear Hydro-Tandem / Hydro-Tridem
Hitching suspension With silent-blocks / hydropneumatic
Pumping Systems All types
Pumping Tools All types
Rear implements All types (2)

(1) With recessing if necessary – (2) Suited to the dimensions of the vehicle