Modulo2 MEB

The MODULO2 is available as single axle with a capacity from 2,500 to 11,000 l and as double-axle from 8,400 to 18,000 l.

The tank is laid down on and welded on an integral cradle (on its width and length) on which the traction strains are focused.

The double-axle MODULO2 is fitted with a bogie running gear.

Literage from 8.590L - 18.229L

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The Modulo2 has a sturdy construction allowing to keep a low center of gravity and offering an excellent quality/weight ratio. As an option, buttresses allow to hitch a rear implement.


  • Reversible V-shaped drawbar for high or low hitching
  • Specific drawbar depending on the pump type (e.g. vacuum, spiral, etc.) designed to be fitted with different suspension devices (cross-spring, hydropneumatic, etc.)
  • Multi-position running gear for an optimal weight distribution
  • Recessing for wheels with a large diameter (option)
  • Possibility to add as an option a large number of spreading implements given the presence of buttresses


Double Axle

Structure width at the running gear 1.000 (mm)
Max. wheel dimensions Ø 1.700 (mm) / Width 900 (mm) (fixed axle) – Width 750 (steering axle) (1)
Running Gear Bogie
Hitching suspension Rigid / cross-springs / silent-blocks / hydropneumatic (2)
Pumping Systems Vacuum
Pumping Tools All types
Rear implements All types (3) : arable injector (≤ 13 tines) / Solodisc (≤ 6,2 m)

(1) With recessing if necessary – (2) According to models – (3) Suited to the dimensions of the vehicle.