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Slurry Tanker

Literage from 28.600L - 31.800L

For the Q-BIGLINER, JOSKIN decided to mount tanks with a diameter of 2,300 mm on an EUROLINER chassis. Its large volume is in this way made very compact, which allows an easy manoeuvrability.

These vehicles are designed for intensive transport on roads and in the fields, and are therefore not fitted with a pre-equipment for injectors or spreading booms.


Muck Spreader

9-13 Tonne

The JOSKIN Siroko spreader with lowered galvanized body is remarkable in many ways: its innovative design makes maintenance much easier. The cross-suspension hitching and the large dimensions of the wheels provide it with an excellent stability both when working and on the road. Its body in HLE 550 high tensile steel is made up of successive foldings and has a rectangular upper strip. The side walls of 850 mm, 1,090 mm, or 1,340 mm high offer a load capacity from 5 m³ to 14.17 m³. According to the product, the two beaters with folded spirals split and spread from 7 to 10 m away per row.


Muck Spreader

8-12 Tonne

The new JOSKIN Ferti-CAP with wide monocoque body in HLE 550 steel of 810 mm high spreads on a wide surface. With its capacities from 6.91 to 13.97 m³, it is very multi-functional in spreading and transport of various materials. According to the product, the large diameter of the vertical beaters with folded spirals allow to spread on a width from 8 to 12 m per row.

The beaters can easily be removed to convert the Ferti-CAP into a harvest trailer (silage and others).


Muck Spreader

12-15 Tonne

The Tornado3 is also a muck spreader with lowered narrow body in HLE steel and wheels with a large diameter as well. Its high capacities and sturdiness are ensured by its body made up of successive folds and by a side reinforcing post.

This body with a height of, 1,130 mm to 1,570 mm (offers load volumes from 8,6 to 25,8 m³ according to the model. The beaters with folded spirals spread evenly on a width from 7 to 16 m per row, depending on the product.

Tornado3 Horizon

Muck Spreader

13-15 Tonne

The Horizon swinging scatterer l is made up of two horizontal beaters with Ø 600 mm of diameter (rotation: 300 rpm) and with two spreading discs with 1.100 mm diameter (rotation: 425 speed rpm).

The ovoid shape and the entangling of the spreading discs allow their integration in 1.100 mm on a narrow body. This large diameter and their perfect synchronization with the horizontal beaters allow a wide and homogeneous spreading.

The inside of the canopy is padded to prevent the matter to agglomerate against the rear wall.


Muck Spreader

14-26 Tonne

The Ferti-SPACE has a wide monocoque body in HLE steel, 1.050 mm or 1.350 mm high, offering a large spreading width. With its strong design and its capacities from 12 to 21 m³, it is a multi-functional machine for intensive use. Thanks to the large diameter of the vertical beaters with folded spirals, the Ferti-SPACE can spread on a width from 8 to 16 m per row, depending on the product. This model can easily be converted into a harvest trailer by dismounting the beaters. The 2-speed moving floor option can be very usefull in this case.

Ferti-Space Horizon

Muck Spreader

14-22 Tonne

The Ferti-SPACE HORIZON is designed to spread different products (cattle manure, compost, organic wastes, lime, poultry manure, etc.) on large widths. The horizontal beaters and the spreading table allow to spread evenly, even with a low flow.


Dump Trailers

15 Tonne

The JOSKIN Trans-KTP 9, 11 and 15 T construction trailers are the ‘‘low-capacity‘‘ models of the JOSKIN heavy duty range. Given their compact and sturdy design (side walls, floor and rear door in HARDOX steel), they are an ideal solution for small earthmoving works, landscape gardening contractors or even public services.. They are pre-equipped to be fitted with two optional aluminium ramps, thereby allowing to load and transport a small excavator.


Dump Trailers

17-27 Tonne

The Trans-KTP 17, 22 and 27 T tipping trailer models are conceived and designed for the hardest works. Given their sturdy design, their body with side walls and floor fully made of 6 mm HARDOX 450 (5 mm for 17/50) ensures their long life span. The double-axle models are standard fitted with the JOSKIN Cross-Over bogie and the 27/65 TRM with the Hydro-Tridem hydraulic suspension. These running gears ensure a high driving comfort on uneven ground.

Furthermore, the 27/65 TRM is standard fitted with a double self steering system (first and last axle), which further improves the manoeuvrability. All these models are also standard fitted with a bumper that retracts hydraulically as the door opens.


Grain and Silage Trailer

10-18 Tonne 10.2-21.9m3

The Trans-CAP are made of a floor sheet and two side sheets in high tensile steel of 4 mm thick. There is only one side reinforcement on long models. As a consequence, the empty weight is significantly reduced.


Tipping Trailer with Drop Sides

7-14 Tonne 8.2-17.42m3

The Delta-CAP range combines all the advantages of the Tetra-CAP with the driving comfort and stability of monocoque trailers. The design of the chassis and drawbar is based on the Trans-CAP range, with the difference that they are entirely galvanized. The running gear, the JOSKIN Roll-Over© boggie, is bolted and movable.

Different panels (500, 600, 800 mm) are available.

High-Tech Scariflex R6S6

Adjustable Aerator

Working Widths from 4.80-9.60m

The Scariflex R6S6 only has flexible tines that are distributed over 6 rows with a total spacing of only 25 cm. They ensure, thanks to their “vibrating” effect, a complete work on the ground, not only on meadow, but also on grasslands or tillage lands, by way of mechanical weeding techniques, notably in the biological agriculture.

The Scariflex R6S6 is a perfect weeder harrow to scarify meadows.