Four Rotor Centre Swather Rake

Working Width from 8m - 12.5m

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  • Low 3.99m Transport Height – without removing tine Arms
  • Hydraulic Drive front rotors fold inwards for Low Transport Height
  • New! Easy External in Field Tine Arm replacement – Just with two bolts!
  • Power Control panel for Automatic settings of Sequences (NZ Std Spec)
  • Hydraulic Brakes on Transport wheels
  • Large Floatation Transport Wheels 560/45-R22,5 14PR (NZ Std Spec)
  • Large Rotor and adjustable cam track with hardened steel cam rollers
  • Huge Cam track and rotor arm support for lower tine and bearing stress
  • Tandem rotor axle bogie wheels Swivelling
  • P.T.O. with Wide angle C.V Joint and Overload protection Clutch
  • “MULTITAST” front jockey wheels for superior ground following
  • Tangential Control of Tine arms, Closed zero maintenance rotor
  • High quality powder coated paint finish
  • Load Sensing Hydraulic system


TOP 1252c4 x 138 / 12.5m5x Inner + Front Multitast (6)