The TERRIA series consists of trailed 3 and 4-row stubble cultivators with working widths between 4 and 6 metres. The mechanical or hydraulic NOVA stone protection system enables these cultivators to work without interruption on all soils, and no maintenance is needed. Because the chassis is integrated into the frame to create a compact machine, it offers better manoeuvrability as a result. The tillage tools are arranged symmetrically along the pull line. This ensures that the whole surface of the soil is moved, even during shallow cultivation. Fully hydraulic depth control that can be changed while driving to ensure quick adjustment, is provided as standard equipment.


**4-Row Terria Models available on indent order basis only – enquires welcome**

Working Widths from 4m - 6m

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TERRIA trailed stubble cultivators cover a wide range of applications in tillage. You have the choice. From shallow stubble cultivation to deep loosening primary tillage.

The perfectly configured tines leave an optimum working result for your soil, as the basis for a successful season.


TERRIA 4030 TERRIA 5030* TERRIA 6030*
Working Width 4m 5m 6m
HP Rated 180 HP 225 HP 270 HP
Tines 13 17 21
Tine Spacings 310mm 290mm 290mm
Standard with Conoroll tandem roller (560mm)

*Indent order only, Terria 4030 is in stock now!

4-Row Terria Spec Guide

TERRIA 4040* TERRIA 5040* TERRIA 6040*
Working Width 4m 5m 6m
HP Rated 200 HP 250 HP 300 HP
Tines 13 17 21
Tine Spacings 310mm 290mm 290mm