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The Otho fast disc harrows have been projected to respond to different necessities at the same time, seal moisture, regularise soil and burning stubble

Greater is the speed, better machines break, pulverize, mix and leave a homogeneous surface after its passage which favorites the composition of organic material.

In one pass and at considerable speed, they prepare the best sowing, ready for seeding

Their performance is unique. less work, less cost of production, and less consumption of fuel.


Waterproof double row ball bearings. Perfectly support axial and radial efforts.

Adjusting double disc body. Mounted in one body with the possibility of adjusting the angle of work for each couple of discs, This way it is possible to suit the requirements of all kinds of soil, speed and depth.

Different diameter double notched discs. Discs penetrate into the soil, pulverise and mix. The angle disc attack, correctly set in origin, makes labour easier, as well speed. Making the Otho non stalling.



GR-RF-155-12C 1.55m 1x 20″   –  1x 24″ (Mounted Pairs)
GR-RF-175-14C 1.75m 1x 20″   –  1x 24″ (Mounted Pairs)
GR-RF-200-16C 2.00m 1x 20″   –  1x 24″ (Mounted Pairs)