Navi App is a brilliant yet flexible app for GPS-controlled headland management.

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Integrated headland and section control

Navi App is a brilliant and flexible app for GPS-controlled headland management. The app runs on a standard android tablet as a “plug and play” unit. The hardware required consisted of a GPS antenna and a wireless NAVI com communication module, connected to the Calibrator TOTZ.

Application maps via GPS

The NAVI App includes the possibility of variable rate application, applying different rates of fertiliser according to the position in the field. The variable rate application maps can be based on yield maps, sensor reading via drones, satellite photos or soil samples.

The application map is based on the widely recognised and accepted SHAPE file format as most field management software is able to handle these types of files.

Among the many advantages of using application maps in modern agricultural, is the ability to redistribute the mineral fertiliser o obtain the best possible yield by increasing or decreasing the quantity based on soil and crop potential. This ensures a more homogeneous growth and a more even crop for harvesting.

With the NAVI app, it is also possible to communicate directly with a crop sensor measuring the plant’s nutrient requirements. This method makes it possible to predict the actual need for nitrogen in real-time and at the same time automatically adjust the spreader to apply the optimal quantity.

Full documentation

After spreading a field, the tablet sends an email containing a job report as a document defining field name, quantity, working width etc.

One flexible solution

The NAVI app system will function on any tractor brand or model, offering total versability.