The ROTODENT DmaX is a folding power harrow unique in its category. Its strong point is the TWIN-FORCE “maX” mechanical peculiarity and its heavy-duty structure.


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  • 1000 Rpm central drive giri/min.
  • Linkage cat.3 + 4, oscillating and 4 USA ( forDmaX-800)
  • Central track eraser
  • Supporting legs
  • Levelling board on roller. Independently adjustable
  • Multispeed lateral gearboxes, rotor shaft rotating at Z=29/25 (368 rpm) Z=30/24 (396 rpm)
  • Central drive shaft 1″3/4 Z=20
  • Lateral drive shafts with automatic cam clutch
  • Drop-Forged tines (STANDARD + RAPIDO Version)
  • Electronic hour-counter


  • Track eraser pair
  • NO-STOP Track eraser pair
  • Hydraulic depth adjustment
  • Hydraulic carrier for mounting a seed drill
  • Drop forged tines
  • Kit for quick release of forged tine
  • Cage roller
  • Spike roller
  • Spiral roller
  • Packer roller
  • Rubber roller

Rotodent DmaX-450180-440450025003001818+182400
Rotodent DmaX-500180-440500025003002020+202850
Rotodent DmaX-600200-440600025003002424+243120
Rotodent DmaX-700250-500700025003002828+283800
Rotodent DmaX-800250-500800025003003232+324050