120L Polyethylene Hopper

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The pneumatic seed-drill APE has been designed to work in combination with a power harrow in limited spaces: it is complete with an exclusive system for mounting the hopper on the rear roller (of the power harrow) which makes it possible to limit the height even while the implement is lifted off the ground.


  • Electric console to be placed in the tractor cabin:
    – Start and stop of the fan;
    – Start and stop of the distributor;
    – Graduated potentiometer with scale from 1 to 30;
    – Socket 12 V;
    – Direct; 5 m. long cable to the seeder
  • Electric fan 12V
  • Electric motor 12V for the metering unit
  • Roller mounted standard with medium grooves (yellow colour)
  • Metering unit with 8 outlets Ø 25mm
  • 8 pcs. flexible pipes connected with the mobile broadcasters on the levelling bar: it is possible to change the broadcasting width even in relation to the working width of the power harrow