The Quadra is a double-axle vehicle that is perfectly suited for intensive slurry spreading and transport works. The chassis is standard fitted with integrated anchoring points, in order to easily mount a possible linkage.

The QUADRA is also standard fitted with a Hydro-Tandem running gear ensuring an optimal driving stability as well as an unmatched driving comfort.

Literage from 14.652L - 20.110L

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Even if the capacity of the QUADRA tanks is high, this type of vehicle keeps a reasonable total length. Even fitted with a rear implement, your tanker will remain very easy to handle.


The driving comfort is ensured by an overdimensioned chassis (300 x 100 x 10 mm) and a cross-spring hitching suspension (standard). The universal chassis is pre-equipped to be fitted with an integrated 4-point linkage to which any type of spreading implement can be hitched.


Structure width at the running gear 900 (mm)
Max. wheel dimensions Ø 1.820 (mm) / Width 850 (mm) (fixed axle) – Width 800 (steering axle) (1)
Running Gear Hydro-Tandem
Hitching suspension Standard with cross-springs / Hydropneumatic (2)
Pumping Systems Vacuum
Pumping Tools All types
Rear implements All types (3)

(1) With recessing if necessary – (2) According to models – (3) Suited to the dimensions of the vehicle.