For the Q-BIGLINER, JOSKIN decided to mount tanks with a diameter of 2,300 mm on an EUROLINER chassis. Its large volume is in this way made very compact, which allows an easy manoeuvrability.

These vehicles are designed for intensive transport on roads and in the fields, and are therefore not fitted with a pre-equipment for injectors or spreading booms.

Literage from 28.600L - 31.800L

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Stability and Comfort

The Q-Bigliner is standard fitted with the JOSKIN Hydro-Tridem suspension as well as with the hydropneumatic drawbar suspension. In this way, the vehicle behaves in an exemplary way on the road thanks to its high stability.

The Q-Bigliner tanks, like all tanks of JOSKIN spreaders, are manufactured according to the EN707 security standard. They are indeed fitted with baffles in order to prevent any uncontrolled movement of the transported liquid.


Structure width at the running gear 900 (mm)
Max. wheel dimensions Ø 1.670 (mm) / Width 750 (mm)
Running Gear Hydro-Tridem
Hitching suspension Hydropneumatic
Pumping Systems Vacuum
Pumping Tools All types
Rear implements /