The Vacu-CARGO was created in such a way as to improve the modularity. It is a removable slurry tank to be placed on a Cargo chassis. It is compatible with the whole range of rear spreading implements (booms and injectors).

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Rear buttresses

The rear linkage is bolted to the two buttresses that are welded at the back of the tank. They have a resting point on the chassis through the support hooks. Consequently, the load strains from the rear implement are evenly transferred to the whole vehicle. In this way, the rear implement remains fastened to the tank.

Pump combined with the tank

The pump, which can be mechanically or hydraulically driven, is fastened to a side support base welded to the tank. All specific implements of the tank will thus remain linked to it.


Pumping system Vacuum
Pumping Tools All types
Rear implements All types (1)

(1) Suited to the dimensions of the vehicle