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Feild work is efficient and precisely controlled by the Calibrator, and combined with the weighing technique, the spreader is transformed into a 100% fully automatically controlled spreader. The precision and the quantity spread are spot-on – irrespective of changes in forward speed and field conditions.

Operating is easy with a logical menu structure before starting the fieldwork, planned field data can be downloaded via a USB stick. After spreading the actual fieldwork is transferred and documented.


The Calibrator Totz, which is standard on the M60W, M35W, and L20W fulfills all requirements for operating, monitoring, and recording spreading conditions.


The Calibrator Icon is a controller for spreaders without a weighing technique. The user interface is based on intuitive icons and controls all important functions to achieve a professional result. Connecting a PC by a cable, field data is transferred from the Calibrator Icon.


An Isobus controller is a possibility for all spreaders with a weighing technique. This solution enables the spreader to be controlled by the tractor ISOBUS Terminal. Our Isobus Controller meets the ISO11783 standard and controls all the functions on “W” spreaders. An isobus break-away plug connects the spreader to the tractor isobus network.

Maybe you already have GPS??

Perhaps you already have a GPS solution on your farm?

We are continuously testing the possibilities for connecting various external serial GPS systems for our Calibrator TOTZ/ZURF and Calibrator ICON units. Therefore, the possibility is open for using a system already on your farm!

It is possible to connect the Calibrator TOTZ/ZURF to a number of standard GPS systems via the serial connection to obtain automatic control in wedges and automatic on/off at the headland. An interface is required between the two systems: for example AgLeader, Trimble TeeJet, and TopCon.


NAVI app is a brilliant and flexible App for GPS-controlled headland management. The App runs on a standard android tablet as a “plug and play” unit. The hardware required consists of a GPS antenna and a wireless NAVICom communication module, connected to the Calibrator TOTZ/ZURF.